Woodard & Curran Strengthens Operator Capacity in Massachusetts Through Management Training

Published: 5/4/2018

On March 21st, Nick Tranghese, Bill Boornazian and a group of 26 other wastewater operators were recognized by the Massachusetts Water Pollution Control Association for their recent graduation from the Massachusetts Wastewater Management Training Program, a year-long program sponsored by the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Massachusetts Water Pollution Control Association. Nick and Bill are both Wastewater Managers at Woodard & Curran operating the Concord Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Hull Water Pollution Control Facility respectively. 

As an increasing number of plant managers approach retirement, the Massachusetts Wastewater Management Training Program was constructed to ensure the next generation of operators is prepared to fill these managerial positions across the state. Participants in the program meet once a month for twelve months for an expert-led class on a new topic related to plant management such as NPDES permitting & state regulations, engineering design & blueprint reading, preventative maintenance, and microbiology. 

Woodard & Curran, an integrated science, engineering and operations firm, operates over 40 water and wastewater plants across the country and understands the importance of investing in future plant leaders. The firm not only sends operators to this program on an annual basis, but experts within the firm routinely lead some of the monthly classes for the course. This past course, Justin deMello, a project manager at the firm, ran a class on engineering design and blueprint reading and Paul Dombrowski, a senior technical manager, ran a class on advanced biological nutrient removal.  

“At W&C, we encourage all of our employees to strengthen and advance their skill sets not only for their individual professional growth but for the betterment of the projects they work at and the communities where we serve, “ says Operation Manager Paul Roux.  “Managerial training alongside industry mentors give our dedicated wastewater and water utility managers the confidence they need to make sound decisions impacting regulatory compliance, local environments, and infrastructure integrity.”
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