Don Wuerdeman Joins Woodard & Curran’s Sanitary Wastewater Practice

Published: 8/9/2017

Don Wuerdeman, PE, has joined Woodard & Curran as principal within the firm’s Municipal and Institutional group where he will be responsible for developing a strategy to expand the reach of our nationwide sanitary wastewater practice. In this role, Don will work with partners across the firm on utilizing practices that leverage our varied expertise and resources to the benefit of our existing clients while establishing a technical excellence plan that supports the firm’s national and regional sales goals. As a champion for the growth of the firm’s wastewater community of practice, he will be involved in facilitating knowledge sharing, innovation, and technical advancement across the organization. His experience as a water and wastewater engineer on projects across the country, in addition to his accomplishments as a client service manager, has prepared him well to foster productive partnerships and identify opportunities for innovation and advancement.

“Don has worked for some of the premier design engineering firms in the country and has made significant contributions to every position he has held. He is a wonderful mentor and team player who brings the highest integrity and ethic to each assignment and position he holds. We are fortunate to have him joining us at Woodard & Curran,” says the firm’s President, Phyllis Brunner

Don can be reached directly at or (978) 775-3050.

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