AWWA Sustainable Water Management Conference

AWWA Sustainable Water Management Conference

The 2017 Sustainable Water Management Conference  showcases a combination of technical presentations and in-depth discussions on the critical matters facing the water sector today. Attendees explored solutions for managing water resources, planning sustainable utilities, designing integrated infrastructure, balancing the benefits of conservation with the costs and analyzing effective alternatives including stormwater and reuse. 

Monday, March 20

Senior Project Manager Rob Little will give a presentation titled, "Advanced Metering Systems Can Unlock Sustainable Utility Funding" at 4:30 PM during the "Detect Water Loss and Know How to Reduce It" session

Tuesday, March 21

 At 11:00 AMEnrique Lopezcalva, Rachel Gross & Simon Kobayashi will be presenting “Using a Systems Model to Analyze Water Supply Reliability in Changing Future Conditions” during the "Water Supply Planning for the Future" professional session.

During the session, "Beyond Buzzwords: Practical Applications for Responding to Climate Change," Rob Little will also give a presentation titled, "How One Water Utility is Responding to Climate Change and Protecting Water Supplies" at 2:00 PM .




New Orleans, LA

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