FEMA Region 1 Higher Education Webinar: Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning

FEMA Region 1 Higher Education Webinar: Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning

The FEMA Higher Education Program works with colleges and universities, emergency management professionals, and stakeholder organizations to help create an emergency management system of sustained, replicable capability and disaster loss reduction through formal education, experiential learning, practice, and experience. As a part of their educational offerings, the program hosts webinars that expose attendees to best practices in mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. 

On March 15, the FEMA Higher Education will be hosting a webinar titled, “Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning”. During this webinar, Senior Principal Mary House will highlight best practices recognized by FEMA associated with the Multi-Campus Hazard Mitigation Plan that Woodard & Curran completed for all of Connecticut State Colleges & Universities’ (CSCU) 17 campuses. Leaders from FEMA and CSCU will join Mary for the presentation and together will discuss how this planning effort has made the campuses aware of potential vulnerabilities presented from severe weather events, guided strategic mitigation efforts associated with critical infrastructure resiliency, and provided additional benefits beyond the scope of the project.  

If you would like to join this webinar, please contact Mary House at mhouse@woodardcurran.com


March 15, 2017
01:30 AM - 02:30 AM

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