Design/Build & Construction Management

When a company or community invests in a major capital project, their short and long-term success can be on the line. No one can really afford delays, cost overruns, or poor execution. In many cases, the best way to get a facility designed and built is to use an alternative contracting approach like design/build or construction management. Our experience leading projects using these strategies is that they offer better outcomes because they establish a single team up front, improving communications, speeding up timelines, and giving the owner closer control over quality and cost.

Contracting strategy sets the stage for success

How to contract for a large design and construction project has long been a decision many organizations make by default: they simply do it the same way they have always done. Unfortunately, that means managing separate contracts for design, construction, and potentially start-up or commission services and even long-term operations. This often makes more work for the owner and leads to missed opportunities for cost- and time-saving measures that a unified approach uncovers. 

When we take on a project using either design/build or construction management contracting, we engage vendors from the outset, getting the benefits of constructability, operability, and value engineering throughout design. This allows for accelerated construction schedules because work can begin as designs are being produced instead of waiting through an extended bidding process. It also creates a single point of contact for the owner, accountable only to them on decisions  that influence scope, schedule, and budget.

Even public entities subject to procurement law can use these approaches. We have helped clients implement major infrastructure projects with design/build and construction management approaches that comply with all applicable laws protecting the public interest. 

Best-in-class project management tools

On all our design/build and construction management projects, we use a collaborative cloud-based project management suite that multiplies the benefits of the approach by providing all stakeholders real-time access to critical project status and information. Design documents, cost controls, schedules, field reports, safety information, progress photos and other essential documentation is added to the secure system and team members can log on at any time to see the latest updates and provide feedback directly. This helps keep lines of communication open and provides additional accountability and detailed record keeping from the beginning of the project to the end.


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